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There are no outages reported currently, all servers and network connections are at 100% efficiency.

To contact us please use any of the following contact methods below:

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Quote Requests & Sales: Click here to get an online quote for a website or a software application.
Billing & Accounts: Click here to e-mail our accounting department. 
New Domain Registrations & Information: Click here to e-mail our domain registrations department.
General Information: Customer service & general company information.
Customer Service:
1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 103.
Fax: 1416.352.1353.

Technical Support:

You may find your answer most quickly by visiting our knowledge base section below, our knowledge base contains answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If your question could not be answered using our knowledge base please feel free to contact our live 24/7/365 support staff via e-mail at: or you can call our
emergency technical support team at: 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 102.

Please note: This telephone extension is for emergency and critical issues only, for all other issues please open a support ticket via our online support ticketing system or e-mail us.


If you have any questions before signing up, please direct all questions to our 24/7 sales department by e-mail at: or by calling: 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 106.

Shared Unix or Windows Server Accounts - 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 106.
Dedicated/Virtual Servers & Resellers - 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 106.

Billing questions:

Direct all billing questions or cancellation requests to our billing department. If requesting cancellation, please include your domain name, username and password as confirmation, to cancel your account please e-mail us at: or call us at:
1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 101.

General Company questions:

Human Resources, Job openings, detailed descriptions:, our HR department can also be reached at: 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 108.

Network/Email Abuse:

If you believe one of our clients is abusing our servers or you have a spam complaint, please forward as much information as possible (i.e. if a spam complaint, full headers of the email) to our network abuse department at:, for critical and emergency network and security related issues our Network Security department can be reached at: 1-800-876-6414 - Extension x 107.

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